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Macramé angels

Macramé angels

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🎄🤶Crafted with Love and Sustainability in mind. 🦌Each Christmas angel is meticulously handcrafted. Made from natural and recycled materials, our macrame Christmas angels are a beautiful way to embrace the holiday spirit while reducing your ecological footprint.

🎉The Perfect Addition to Your Tree 🌲 Whether you're going for a traditional or boho-chic Christmas theme, our macrame Christmas angel is a versatile addition. It adds a warm and welcoming touch to your holiday decor and complements any style of ornaments you have. The Christmas angel is a timeless symbol of the season, and our handmade macrame version adds a unique, artistic twist.

  •  +\- 16cm long and 18cm wide
  • 100% Recycled Cord
  • Sustainable Materials: Our macramé is made with the finest macramé cords is crafted from recycled cotton and recycled polyester sourced from fabrics and bottles, thanks to the sustainable manufacturing system of ECOLIFE.
  • Many other colours available, send us a message and let us know which ones you would like
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