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Art Weave

Art Weave

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Elevate your space with our extraordinary handmade sustainable loom weave. This sizable art piece exudes an eco-friendly charm that's bound to captivate. Crafted with care from responsibly sourced materials, it's a testament to both artistry and sustainability. 

Inspired by the rich hues of the savannah, the earthy tones and fiery sunsets are meticulously translated into the vibrant palette of this artwork. Feel the rugged textures reminiscent of Kenya's landscapes, where each weave echoes the untamed terrain and wild encounters. Immerse yourself in the essence of Tsavo's color and texture, bringing a piece of this captivating wilderness into your living space.

  •  +\- Ø80cm
  • Mounted on a wooden hoop and finished with a felt backing
  • 100% Sustainable fibres

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